Asia Advisory Clarity Story

Since 2008, Adam O’Neill has been working to connect International and Asian businesses from LG Electronics, RedBull, Rolex, Unilever and Tourism Australia. Over the past 5 years, he has helped Australian tourism businesses address the rapid evolution of change in Asian markets. How can a tourism operator connect with Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Indian and South East Asian tourists? Which travel platforms to work with? Is it better to focus on one market, or list with as many partners and countries as possible? Asia Advisory’s strategy offers insight and clarity for a challenging tourism industry problem.

Adam’s story is a great example of a Clarity or Strategy Story. They are one of the must-haves for you and and your business because they answer key questions.

  1. Do you understand the changes happening around you?
  2. Do you understand how this effects your clients and customers?
  3. Do you have a coherent value add for them to resolve these challenges?

It only took Adam and I 90 minutes to get his strategy story straight. He was blown away by the power of our story frameworks.

If you are meeting clients and need to share your strategy, then consider building your Business Storytelling muscles with us.

Right now, we have three ways to work with you:

  1. Drop me a line at
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  3. Attend our public workshop June 28 in Seoul.

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