Does Bill Gates Prove this Whole Natural Communicator Thing is BS?

Probably not …

Still, the founder of Microsoft and Co Founder of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has undergone a remarkable journey from poor to effective communicator. Perhaps its practice, but it looks like professionally guided practice to me.

In the first part of the video Steve Jobs watches Gates drown in his answer. Jobs waits as long as he can before jumping in. The nervous laughter from the audience signifies how grateful they are to Jobs for taking the speaking mantle away from Gates.

As Gates watches Jobs tell the story I wonder what he is thinking? Is he as entertained as the rest of us by the story of Jobs and Woz arguing over fixed point or is he thinking something else.

We can’t know, but is it possible that this is when Gates decided to change the way he communicated?

Flash forward to TED Talk 2015

  • At the heart of his TED Talk are a serious of examples recounted with detail but also with a real focus on the people involved.
  • The examples are used to prepare our minds for the bigger ideas. He uses stories as appetizers for the main meal of big ideas.
  • He is still Bill Gates, he is calm and still wants to talk about significant ideas, but now he helps his audience pay attention and learn.

We all love it when we see someone succeed as a result of hard work.

Have a great week



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