I Want to Agree with Carmine Gallo, But Tim Cook is not a Master Communicator.

I tried to say yes to Carmine’s assertion, but I just can’t.

If I was ever lucky enough to have a coffee with Carmine Gallo I would ask him whether he was allowed to tell him the name of his personal clients. I’m guessing the answer is no. But anyway I’d ask, have you ever coached Tim Cook?

His article in Business Insider is useful, but it comes to close to giving Tim Cook a pass for my liking.

The reason is that Daniel Pink has asked me to bring humility to my ideas and be open to being proved wrong. So, I am looking to see why I don’t agree with Carmine’s idea

Carmine’s key idea of re-framing a conversation is very important.

He looks at the ways in which Cook re-frames conversations so he can highlight the topics he wants to discuss.  

In the article, Carmine Gallo a writer of gravitas, reminds us that that there was a temporal relationship between the calls, interviews and a price bump in Apple stock. 

The two phrases Gallo wants us to adopt are:

The way I see it …

Here’s how I see it

… these are great, 

but in the examples …. they are followed up by some pretty vague assertions about loyalty and innovation … I think we are all getting tired of Apple just talking about these. 

So back to the coffee with Carmine, After he tells me that he can’t confirm or deny whether Tim Cook is a client of his or not, my answer is well be bloody well should be. He could really do with your help. 

I would remind Carmine of Cook’s vagueness to see if perhaps we could use an anti story to help. Anti-stories are very powerful in turning around a narrative. Cook’s predecessor was talented at using anti-stories to really grab hold of a narrative and turn it to his advantage.

What does all this mean for everyday communicators:

  • Controlling a conversation is possible, even when the facts appear to be against you. Look for the points where you can grab the course.
  • Use the phrases that Carmine recommends to do this: “The way I see it …. and/or Here’s how I see it.
  • Then follow up with an anti-story with specific examples that resonate. This will disarm the audience, and then you can carry them along with you and your narrative.

Have a great Monday



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