Describing the Dulwich Difference with a Story

Graeme Salt from Dulwich College Seoul Uses a Story to Show How Its Outdoor Education Adds Value and Exemplifies Its Values.

In 2010, Dulwich College Seoul opened its doors in Banpo, Southern Seoul. It now has more than 680 students from Nursery to Year 13.

One of Dulwich’s key values is educating The Whole Child

But how can they show that value in a way that engages their audience. The answer, is a great story.

The video above was the result of a single 1:1 coaching session between myself and Graeme Salt, Head of the College. The session flew by but actually lasted almost 2 hours. After the coaching session the College’s Marketing Manager Sam Wigginton filmed Graeme’s story. The session went like this:

  • A outline of what would happen and our intended outcome, i.e. a video that demonstrated both the differentiation of a Dulwich education and the values underlying it.
  • A discussion of the two story types I felt would probably be most useful for Graeme, these were the Foundation Story and Clarity Story types.
  • A discussion on Graeme’s experience at Dulwich, and his achievements. In this discussion the topic of Outdoor Education came up. Graeme felt that it was one of his achievements to have developed a more systematic and better Outdoor Education experience for all students.
  • I suggested that a Clarity Story built around a single Outdoor Education experience would be best.
  • Graeme shared the 2018 Year 8 cycling trip to China. It was a great story and achieved both of our goals.
  • The first time Graeme told the story it took a almost seven minutes. I didn’t interrupt, because I wanted to know all the details.
  • The third time he told the story it was down to two minutes forty, with more impact, more important details, no extraneous details. This is the story we filmed.

The story works well because it not only describes what the students did in China, but also the why? Why go to China? Why cycle around China? 

What does all this mean for everyday communicators:

  • Developing your own stories is a powerful way for all of your stakeholders to know why you do things.
  • Stories are not just for marketing. They help you lead your organization.
  • Telling stories is natural, telling a good business story is a skill that we can help you with.

Have a great Monday



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