Hotel Torre del Mar Strategy Story

A concise strategy to move from one market segment to another needs a coherent story.

The story behind the The Hotel Torre del Mar is that it is a well established hotel on the island of Ibiza, Spain. Its commercial Director Angel Pine Tur also has a great story. He is a local boy who did well on the mainland before coming home.

When Angel left Ibiza for university it was a hidden treasure where pop stars and footballers could enjoy a holiday with locals out of the spot light. When he returned in 2010, everything had changed. Investment from the mainland and abroad had increased the number of 5 star hotels had exploded from 3 to 15. The level of competency across the entire island in terms of hospitality and services had also improved.

How would Angel, his Chairman Rafa and his loyal team at the hotel respond? Watch Angel explain his strategy story below.

A Strategy Story like Angel’s is one of the must-haves for you and and your business.

  1. Do you understand the environmental changes happening around you?
  2. Do you understand how change this effects your business?
  3. Do you have a new way to resolve these challenges?
  4. Can you execute your strategy with great results?

Now that he has it straight, Angel can use his Strategy Story in many different settings, for example:

  1. When he hires new staff, it will help them understand how the hotel is different and the kind of hospitality they need to deliver .
  2. With the new M.I.C. guests he is aiming for, to assure them that his hotel is the best one for their conference or meeting on the island.
  3. With his Chairman Rafa and other investors to remind them of their focus and the need to stay the course.

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