Mark Schenk Mythbusts on Business Storytelling

Excellent work Mark (on left) with Shawn Callahan.

Mark Schenk was published on the HRM The site of the Australian HR Institute website, HRM on August 14.

In the article he examines three common myths on Business Storytelling,

Myth #1: Storytelling is an innate ability (a superpower) Yes it is, but we can always improve every skill.

Myth #2 – Storytelling is only good for building rapport, by using our personal stories. Yes connection stories are vital to good business, but the use cases for Business Stories is appears to be limitless.

Myth #3 – Storytelling isn’t business-like. If the ability to generate extra revenue isn’t a business skill, then I’m very confused. If there is a better way to generate extra margin on your product or service than a story, please let us know.

In the article, Mark breaks down the myths and shows them, using business stories and persuasive narratives the holes in the Myths.

I don’t want to give away too much detail because I really want you to read this article.

Please do yourself a favor and read it at

For me the key takeaways were:

  • Stories have the unique power to make indigestible amounts of data almost instantly digestible and actionable.
  • Without stories, leaders only have coercion and threats to get people to act. In the long run only stories work to get your people moving.
  • If you are working in Professional Services, then you really only have two ways to get business, cut your price or tell a better stories. Your success stories, your integrity stories, your excellence stories, your I’ll do anything you need stories. Without these stories you are on a race to the price bottom.

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