Mission Heroes Customer Success Story

Lukas Beech is a great mate and CEO & Founder of Mission Heroes. Since 2003 he has worked in the executive search industry in Korea. He is now leveraging his experience to enable others to utilize their passion and interests with his platform Mission Heroes.

A few days ago he shared with me an excellent Customer Success story that answered the question, “Who have you helped before?” . Customer Success stories are powerful ways of connecting with people and influencing them.

As you watch, think about what you have learned about Lukas and Mission Heroes. By the end of the story you understand not only what Mission Heroes is but also how Lukas operates.

Customer Success Stories are one of the key Business Story types that we should have ready to share. They are powerful because they draw people in, thus helping them understand both our offering, and more importantly understanding us as people who want to help other people.

If you want to improve your ability to connect with people and influence them. Then consider improving your Business Storytelling muscles. We have three ways right now for you to do it.

  1. Dropping me a line at rod.rothwell@mybusinessstories.com
  2. Joining our LinkedIn Community
  3. Join our public workshop June 28 in Seoul.

Have a great week



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