Julia pivots Sool Company due to COVID 19

The Sool Company transforms into an online hub of community, experience and trade.

Sool means alcohol in Korean, and in 2012 Julia Mellor co-founded Makgeolli Mamas and Papas Korea (MMPK) to explore Korean Sool in all its various forms.

This was the beginning of Julia’s deepest of dives in Korean alcohol. The Sool Company, was founded to help Korean traditional alcohol makers gain international exposure through hands on education and experiential tourism. 

Before Covid 19 Julia Mellor offering makgeolli (fermented rice wine) classes all year as well seasonal classes such as soju distilling.

Because of the virus, Julia has had to pivot. She  developed online courses for beginners and the more advanced. Julia said. “It’s actually really easy. If you want to make Korean makgeolli you really don’t need anything that you don’t have already in your kitchen, “If you can steam rice, then you can basically make makgeolli. All you need is the know-how and the basic ingredients.” The only slightly special ingredient is nuruk, which is easy to find in supermarkets in Korea, and many Asian markets overseas.

She has also developed two new websites. The Sool Connection, a great information hub for anyone looking for information on bars & restaurants, and the Sool Trader selling alcohol globally.

Quickly pivoting to new ways of doing business is a key to being a successful startup



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