The One About Kathy Klozt-Guest Calling Bullshit

Look just stop with the meaningless bullshit alright.

 – Just stop! The following is lifted straight from Kathy Klotz-Guest’s blog. (link below) Several years back I (Kathy) was brought into a prospect meeting by an exec who called me to help shore up his story for an investor pitch.

The company had a technology play that (their words) “optimized influencer marketing.” In the midst of the meeting, the founder went on for about 10 minutes using lots of jargon and buzzwords.

He asked me do you have any questions. I said, “Yes. Just one. How will you make users’ lives better?” He looked at me flustered, and with a raised voice, said to me, “As I already explained to you…..” When he finished I looked right at him, and said,

  • “You didn’t explain it. You are using a lot of words that say nothing. Just like your competition does. And if you can’t answer this, you won’t get funded.”

Instead of saying, “I don’t know” or “That’s why I asked you to this meeting so I could get your help,” I got defensive posturing filled with more jargon.

That’s ego.

Brene Brown’s post on how to speak truth to BS

Kathy’s blog 

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