The Sool Company’s Foundation Story

Foundation Stories answer the question, “Why are you doing this business?” They are one of the must have stories that we need to have ready to share.

Julia Mellor is CEO and Founder of The Sool Company. She has dedicated more than 8 years to the study of fine Korean Liquor or Sool (술) She has studied everything from the entomology of the word Sool to the history of the various types of Sool. She is committed to sharing the most natural and clean ways to make the finest Korean liquor.

Here she shares The Sool Company’s Foundation Story. It’s a great story that not only does she describe her journey, but she also shows her passion and commitment to bring the finest Korean Sool to the world.

Foundation Stories are one of the key Business Story types that we should have ready to share. They not only let people understand where we come from, but they give our partners reasons to trust us as they also give great insights into who we are as people.

When you are ready improve your Business Storytelling muscles we have three ways to help by:

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