No one achieves their dream without asking for help. Pitch your start up helps you ask for help.

Investors, customers, partners, targeted- talent, government stakeholders are all sources of help.

Because Startups have new ideas, getting people on board is a big challenge. Pitch Your Startup enables you to clarify what the audience needs to hear, develop a strong message, organize your ideas into a structure they want and use the super powers of stories to be trusted.

Through this workshop you develop your idea into a full pitch that can be take on the road as-is, or adapted to the various audiences you meet.

Asking for help means more than show your idea has value, you must also build trust that you can execute your plan. PYS workshop builds the core pitching skills and mindset:

  • Deliver to their ideas by answering the question, WHAT’S IN IN FOR YOU?
  • Deliver a single strong MESSAGE that resonates with your audience.
  • Focus your pitch on the CORE TOPICS your audience wants to learn about
  • Build rapport trust that you will deliver on your plan with FOUNDING STORIES and CLARITY STORIES.
  • Use Q&A to improve your connection with your audience through ANTICIPATION AND PREPARATION.


Before attending the workshop, participants complete a short piece of pre-work. The results of the pre-work are integrated with the program materials. The good news is that the pre-work will take no longer than 10-12 minutes.


  • WIIFY – Making the audience the center of your pitch
  • Messaging – The single idea they must remember
  • Business Storytelling – Connecting and influencing
  • A Quick Pitch


  • The Problem
  • Your Solution
  • The Business Model
  • The Competition
  • Your Team
  • The Funding
  • Your Marketing Plan The Tiger’s Den
  • Putting it all together in a 4 minute pitch


  • Pitch story components
  • Pitch story type 1 – Founding
  • Pitch story type 2 – Clarity Stories
  • Round Robin, sharing your pitch stories


  • Q&A – Being ready for anything
  • Putting it all together

Course Features

Participants 8-20
Languages English
Style Intensive Workshop
Duration 1 or 2 Days
I got 2 dimensions enhanced thru the courses, first one is professional hard skillsets, getting practical knowledge directly apply on real business challenges front facing at the office. Second one is smart flawless communication soft skills, this is pretty much important that aims to get agile even though in the middle of bottlenecks.
JKH Technology
Marketing Analyst
Your class was helpful for me. Even I have many experiences regarding presentations in front of people, but I have never thought about those details such as ice breaking, gestures, eye contact, proper level of voice sound, and so on. I believe that your experienced and meticulous comments considerably improved my presentation skills at school and work. Thank you once again for your excellent class.
KSJ Medical
Sales Manager
The courses certainly help me to rethink and analyze about the gaps and common denominators between what I learn in class and what I face every day in the office. I feel however that the courses would certainly help me in the future if my position changes to a more senior managerial level.
Life Insurance Sales

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